Who I am

IMG 1264acI am from The Netherlands and I lived and worked in different countries in different domains countries, like France, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and China.

The fact that I have worked with international people (teams and custmers), from different culltural  backgrounds has provides me with a broad and diverse mindet. Arriving in a new  country also demands flexibility (or agility, as it is called nowadays. Because agility means flexibility).

Living in an everchanging environment and having an inquisitive mindset  is also very helpful, when one needs to learn new things swiftly. Therefore I have learned all my live. Theoretical and practical. I read interesting books and I love to communicate with other people about current und future topics. For me it is very important, to stay up-to-date and to understand the things that  are happening.

May it be about digitization, new work (which means more than remote working), the changing world of commerce (online and retai) and our society. Therefore, I went back to school to deepen my knowledge and skills by attending two courses in which I gained multiple certificates with, as I may say, good results.

My diversified live is the foundation for my open mindset with respect for differences and a strong adaptability. I am open and communicative and I love to meet and to work with people of all origins. Coomunication and exchanging ideas and opinions is very excitingfor me. To lear from othersn, to convey knowledge and tointeract in a group or one-to-one.  It enables a broader horizon and it improves oneself and others.


What are my expectations

Like I mentioned before, New Work is more that remote working. It is the new way of working together. At eye-level. respectful and an empathic, esteeming, lively and open communication. Diversity, intern and extern is also important to be successful as a team and a company and means way more tham M/F/D. Several angles of vision, different backgrounds and cultures are a great help to deliver creative and helpful prduct for customers. Always with the input of the customers.Outside-in & bottom-up.

A company where openess, creativity, curiousity,diverity and repsect is op utmost importance for me. Not only for myself, but also for the team and the success for the company. A harmonious team is a productive and successful team, which leads to customer success and, last but not least, a successful company. 

A company which is truly agile.

A company where own ideas are welcomed and are given a chance to see how it works out. A company where trust is lived and where errors are regarded as a source of information, which will lead to a better result..

A company which knows, that the right culture is the base for success. For xample a digital transformation, which is needed to build a stable resilience against the constantly changing market and the constantly changing customers.

A company that does not live by the motto "we have always done it this way", but also has the courage to explore unknown paths.

What motivates me

Team success, customer success and personal successs are of utmost importance to me. To be responsible for projects, the team  and the team devlopment, Appreciative superiors, exciting projects, performing workshops (intern and extern), when it's possible I love to travel. Feedback from my peers.