Curriculum Vitae

Rob van Linda

Curriculum Vitae

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Note: The generic masculine chosen in this work refers simultaneously to the masculine, feminine and other gender identities. For better readability, the use of masculine and feminine forms of language is dispensed with. All gender identities are explicitly included as far as the statements require this.

In this text I would like to tell what fascinates me and also motivates me to act in the agile field. I also describe my opinion of what agility really entails and what measures need to be taken in order to really live agility.
Agility should be the most normal thing today, because our, continuously and rapidly changing world and society, a strong adaptability is an absolute must.

Our times are both challenging and uncertain, but also hugely exciting. Customers, through their, fortunately, increased self-awareness and higher expectations, have an ever greater influence on the way providers operate.

I come from an entrepreneurial family, so I was taught appreciation, empathy, but also the importance of the customer at a young age. Even in my later professional career I have always worked with clients.

A typical phenomenon of today is the fact that customers always want to have the latest and the hipest. As a result, an existing product is never finished because the competition never sleeps and the customer is always on the hunt for new exciting and cool features. You therefore always have to have an ear to the customer so that you understand the customer and can respond ad hoc to wishes and needs. This is true in B2B as well as in B2C, because in our social transformation B2B and B2C are merging as H2H (Human to Human). 

But (e-)commerce & marketing are only a part of the relevant topics.

For a company to be able to build resilience in order to remain steadfast in the market, it needs a healthy company culture. A culture based on mutual respect, appreciation and trust. A community that works together across departments and levels. Positions and roles become more and more irrelevant, because responsibilities become more and more important.

Managers become leaders who trust the people in their teams and thus empower them to develop their own ideas, make their own decisions and take their own responsibility. The leader supports the team by communicating regularly and giving valuable, appreciative feedback. This also requires the courage to make mistakes and to see mistakes as a source of learning. This is an important factor in agile thinking and living.

This makes the people in the teams more motivated and courageous to develop their own ideas, because confidence in their abilities promotes entrepreneurial thinking. This in turn results in better products/services for the customer and even exceeds customer expectations.

This is because the customer is always the absolute focus in daily business. This can be signalled to the customer by interacting and communicating with the customer to find out directly from the source what the customer really wants and needs.

This approach shows the customer that he is valued, respected and that his needs and wants are taken seriously, because these are the expectations of today’s customers.
Customers want to be perceived and respected as a human being, as an individual, rather than as a customer number pushing products in the shopping basket/using and paying for services.
This empathetic and respectful interaction with the customer not only ensures that the customer is satisfied, but that the customer becomes a real fan and thus a promoter.

And my motivation is to help shape this agile awareness and also the benefits of agility, so that customers always get exactly what they need and expect and even a little bit more.

Personal data

Name:Rob van Linda
Date of birth:10.06.1964
Place of birth:Heerlen (NL)
Phone:+49 173217 81 25

Language kills

Dutch:native language


Swiss German


  • Digital Transformation Manager
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Leadership Coach
  • Digital Business Innovation (similar with Design Thinking)
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Professional Scrum Master I
  • Professional Scrum Master II
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner I

Skills &Tools

Slack, Trello, Jira, Git, Axure, InVision, Sketch, Balsamiq, Adobe XD, Confluence, MS Office┬«, Mindomo, Photoshop, Kanban,, Liberating Structures, Working out Loud (WOL), Clean Language, Miro, Azure, Jira, Persona, Business Model Canvas, Empathy Map, Value Proposition Canvas


  • Rhetorikmeister Berlin (Toast Masters |
    Member of the Board)
  • Liberating Structures Lab Berlin
  • Agile Learning Lab Berlin
  • The Kanban Club
  • Agile Co:learning
  • et al.

My strengths

team spirit, being helpful, cooperative, quick learner, multilingual

customer-centric mindset, flexible, independent, curious about new topics, communicativ, empathetic, self-optimising, success-oriented.

Core competences

Structured way of working, strong perceptive faculty which enables a quick overview, high flexibility and stress resistance, many years of experience in IT projects such as web applications and native apps, many years of team experience for different products in different domains.

Being able to communicate on all levels and experienced in preparing and facilitating workshops such as introducing Agile Mindset and frameworks such as, for example, Scrum or product presentations.

Strong customer-centric thinking mindset.

Experienced with developer/designer teams and able to understand their technical language and, if necessary, translate it for stakeholders/customers.

Experience in change management and the development of new products, business models and value creation processes.

What is important to me

open communication, respect, empathy, appreciation, team spirit, solidarity, helpfulness, punctuality, trust, friendliness, reliability, trust, sense of responsibility, openness, work, success, goals, keeping up with the current world, continuous learning & discovering, mutual trust, working at eye level (at all levels), mutual esteem.


Digital Transformation Management (Grade A-)

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Chief Digital Officer (Grade B+)
Marketing Intelligence Grade A)
Professional Scrum Product Owner (Result 97%)
Professional Scrum Master I (Result 97%)
Digital Business Innovator (Grade A-)
Leadership Coaching (Grade A)
Professional Scrum Master II (Result 98%)
Media law (Grade A)


2020 – today

Product Owner
Scrum Master
Agile Coach

(external consultant)
Agile Heroes GmbH
Frankfurt am Main

At the moment I work for a company whose business model is based on providing professionals with agile skills. I am working both as a product owner and as a scrum master when the structures are not yet complete or when there are internal problems.

Currently I am working as an Agile Coach in a company where an agile transformation is taking place. I support several teams in the introduction of Scrum. My main task is to coach the product owners and the Scrum masters and to be present at the events and, if necessary, to suggest optimisations and support the Scrum Master in doing so.

2019 -2020

Product Owner

Convivo GmbH

Responsibility for two apps developed by two teams

  • Release management
  • Test management
  • Budget management
  • Conflict mediation
  • Data analysis based on end-user feedback about the user experience based on the user interface
  • Analysis of features in the user area and removal of underused features
  • Regular meetings with the design team that developed the interface for both apps
  • Coordination of communication between the development and design teams


Product Owner

Aequitas AG

Researching new business models (business innovation) in the Digital Labs in the field of e-commerce.

  • Research into e-commerce (B2B) needs, regular meetings to share research findings and translate them into user stories using empathy maps.
  • Vision: A White-Label Multi Vendor Platform (virtual marketplace)
    Based on the results
  • a product backlog was created and the team chose which elements were implemented and added to the sprint backlog to be realised and developed in a two-week sprint
  • Organisation and facilitation of sprint planning and reviews (during the sprint review together with the management to get feedback)
  • Management of new requirements from management in the product backlog
  • Creating user stories based on personas
  • Analysis of the interviews and, if necessary, changes and/or recreation of the personas.

2015 -2017

Product Owner

hartung:consult GmbH

Introduction of SAP Fiori

  • Trainings with the topics Agile Manifesto and Scrum
  • Training Jira and Confluence
  • Work with admins to create accounts for SAP UI Cloud, Jira & Confluence and install Eclipse, Cloud Connector & SAP Web IDE personal edition.
  • Work with management to develop options for an internal launchpad with Fiori/APUI5 apps.
  • Discuss these ideas with the team and transfer them from the Product Backlog in the Sprint Backlog
  • Organisation and moderation of the plannings & reviews in cooperation with the Scrum Master
  • Monitoring the burndown chart

Project Manager
Guangzhou China

Installation of an intranet site for the Chinese branches of a German company

  • Composition of the team
  • Introduction of Agile & Scrum
  • Regular meetings with stakeholders to elicit requirements and manage the product backlog
  • Maintaining and managing the product backlog
  • Planning the sprints and managing the user stories with the team
  • Managing changed requirements
  • Monitoring the burn-down chart
  • Monitoring the budget
  • Facilitating the sprint reviews, defining the topics, inviting the key stakeholders

Project Manager

Interim Project Manager Web Applications & Online Shops

  • Consulting on user interfaces (UI), user experience (UX), customer experience (CX) & customer journey mapping (CJM)
  • Advising clients on software selection (Magento, VirtueMart, RedShop, Hika Shop, WPShopGermany)
  • Training clients in the use of the software (backend tour, product creation, purchasing and invoice management)
  • Comprehensive testing (sandbox mode) of the website including test purchases
  • Forwarding customer requirements to the development team (UI/UX designers, programmers, data protection officers)
  • Introduction to SEO, social marketing and media law with recommendation of the relevant experts

April 1988 – June 2004
Great Britain, Italy,
France, Germany

Event manager in luxury hotels &
restaurants (Michelin & Gault

Implementation of various events, conferences and weddings


  • Initial contact with the organisers (customers)
  • Planning and organisation of the event
  • Regular meetings with the organisers during the preparations to receive
  • Close cooperation with the departments (e.g., kitchen, housekeeping, F&B management and florist), which were all involved in the project as an interdisciplinary team. This also included external suppliers such as
    printers (e.g. invitations, table & menu cards), artists and decorators.
  • Realisation of the events with the service team
  • Meeting with the entire team before the event with technical questions
  • Duty roster for the service team
  • Regular training of the service staff
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Measures to retain existing customers
  • Management of the budget

Education & Training

  • Chief Digital Officer Certification
  • Certification Digital Transformation
  • Certification Organiser New Media & Content Manager
  • Bachelor hospitality Management
  • Gymnasium with lower Latin certificate

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