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rob work


you're visiting my online curriculum vitae. Although I'm a boomer, I live like a digital native.

I'm absolutely into digitization and I'm excited about our fast changing world and society. Especially e-comerce is a domain which has my major interest.

I gained my first experiences as a costumer consultant when I was working (Friday afternoon and Saturdays) in the boutiques of my parents. There I developed empathy for customers.

When I started working in luxury hotels and restaurants in Sitzerland, France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany, I worked as an event manager in international, multicultural teams for international and demanding customers.

Customers have always been my first concern. and it has always be my declared goal to gain 100% satisfaction and to realize all the demands and wishes of a client.

As a consultant in e-commerce projects, I was the link between customers and development team. I've always tried to create a mutual understanding for both parties. At the developer team, I explained the needs of the customer and I also tried to explain technical impediments to the customer, by using human language to make things clear and transparent.

In a team, repect, appreciation and trust are of utmost importance. I like to compare a company whith a brick wall and the theam with the mortar which makes the wall (company) stable.

If the mortar (team) is of inferior quality, the wall (company) won't be stable. An therefor it is essential, that a team is a safe harbour in which the team members feel safe and taken care of.

A clear communication, bedides the ones which I named above, is the base of working together.

Happy employees love their work and are willing to go that extra mile and employees who are appreciated are proud ones. This pride creates in internal balance which also effects private life. A peaceful private life makes sure, that a person can recharge to get new energy for the demanding tasks in project.

Therefore I'm a fan of New Work/Work 4.0.

The changing e-commerce and the merging of B2B wit B2C, the personalization of e-commerce are subjects which exite me.

The goal of ceating a better customer- and user experience is very important. To fetch customer by regarding them as human beings who have needs, emotions and expectations by delivering personal content (content marketing) and being active when exercising social marketing.

To offer a true personalized experience to customers.

To achieve all this, it is important

Have look at my CV and if I have gained your interest, I would love to receive your e-mail. Please understand, that my certificates of employment are not online.

If you wish to receie them, send me a message. There's a contact form at the bottom my curriculum vitae.

Please also visit my blog at

Many regards from Berlin,

Rob van Linda

Business Model Me

Due to digitization, people are changing. May it be as a customer with new expectations towards verndors, may it be as an employee with new expectations towards employers. To find out what one has to offer as an employee, we have to do some self-reflection. 

Since 2000 here's a great tool to perform such a self-research.It's based on the well-known Business Model Canvas and it is called Business Model You.To find out more about this exciting methodology have a look at the website

I thought, that it would be a good idea,to put my personal business canvas online, because my expertise is a product which I "sell" to a company which pays me by wages and which sells me to the company's customers. Therefor this imethodology  was developed by Tim Clark. During my participation in a WOL (Working Out Loud) Circle I got down to work.

If you want to see the large version (makes only sense on tablet or desktop due to the size), click the graphic and a new tab will open and you can explore the full size canvas.

pbm rob